Skin Health - Persistent Rash or Itch?

Suffering from recurrent rash, eczema or dermatitis?

Wondering why YOU?

Skin Rashes occur in response to inflammation. While this may be due to direct contact with the inflammatory agent, it can also be part of an additive response to both external and internal inflammation. Many dietary factors can contribute to increased sensitivity.

One under diagnosed sensitivity is to SALICYLATES in foods. This may contribute to the severity or frequency of symptoms. Because salicylates intake is additive, many common foods are overlooked as a cause when eaten alone in moderate amounts. However, when they are consumed with other foods containing salicylates an additive effect is seem, resulting in symptoms. Reducing salicylates in your diet does not mean you must make radical changes or give up your favorite foods for good. It just means you need to find your tolerance level and be aware of early symptoms, so you can cut back on trigger foods.

Below are some common foods and their salicylate contents. To test your response try and stick to foods with negligible or low content for a week or two, then gradually add back the foods you enjoy. Come in or book a consultation for more personalised advice.

Being an intolerance, rather than an allergy, children will often seem to outgrow the problem as a larger body can tolerate a greater intake.

We can't change our genes, or what we have previously been exposed to, but we can change what we are exposed to in the future.

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