Where are all the GOOD bacteria?

Ever wondered why we need probiotics supplements? While taking antibiotics is an obvious cause, it's probably our excessive use of antibacterials to "clean" our homes that is really creating the problem.

Problem solved......... with our latest range.

Now we can control the bad ones, while protecting the Goodies by actually using Probiotic Solutions cleaning products. Infused with essential oils to help eliminate mould, these create an environment where bad bacteria and fungal organisms struggle to survive, and our bodies thrive in a synergistic relationship with the beneficial ones.

Recall the recent trials of probiotic to treat peanut allergy in children? Almost all were able to tolerate exposure without reaction after supplementation with Lactobacillus Rhamnosis probiotic. Makes you wonder where the naturally occurring microbiome colonies of these GOOD BUGS have gone?

Genocide but over sterilisation of our environment is a likely factor. Yet we continue to clean with antibacterials such as Bleach, Triclosan, Alcohol, Benzalkonium Chloride despite strong evidence these are no better than soap and water.


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