We are always looking at ways ensure our patients get  the best possible results from their prescribed medications, with the lowest risk of side effects. One of the most accurate ways to determine how your specific genetic makeup will affect the way your body processes medications, even before you take them, is to look at your DNA. This gives us a reliable insight into the metabolism of many key medications used in heart disease and pain and mood disorders.

Does your Medication fit YOUR genetic makeup? 


A simple cheek swab is all that's needed to obtain a sample of your unique DNA.

This is sent for lab analysis and you will be notified by SMS or email when the result is available.

Simply make an appointment to discuss the result with our pharmacist, who will then provide you and members of your healthcare team, such as GP or specialist, online access to the results.

My DNA experts and our trained pharmacist are available to assist other health professionals not yet familiar with DNA implications.

Results can be used both now for current medications and conditions and in the future for new treatments. Your DNA remains the same for life.

Custom Compound Lab

Beachside Pharmacy is now partners with Custom Compound Lab and can help you with your personal medication needs.