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It's not just about your medication
At Beachside Pharmacy we offer health solutions to compliment your current treatments and aim to reduce medication burden. 
Services such as myDNA and Omega3 Index Testing allow customised Care Plans unique to your needs.
PainWise Pain Management
Our PainWise Accredited Pharmacist is available for holistic pain management consultations. We recognise that all pain is different and acute pain requires different treatments to persistent or chronic pain. Persistent Pain requires multiple strategies to effectively improve quality of life, as well as regular support and review.Having your pharmacist as part of your health care team gives you easy access to expert advice.
"YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT"  We all know that a healthy diet is important and there are general rules that we should all follow, but you are a unique individual and and so are your dietary requirements. 
More and more evidence points to an unhealthy diet causing not only an unhappy digestive tract, but also chronic disease. Poor diet changes the ability of this important barrier to protect us from naturally occurring toxins in our foods, as well as preventing absorption of critical nutrients. 
Thanks to our partners at Healthpoint we have collected a range of nutritional information and diet suggestions for a variety of health conditions, BUT for expert advice on your individual needs, visit us instore
Stress / Anxiety
Anxiety can be debilitating if it gets the better of us. Brain hormones such as serotonin, dopamine and GABA are altered, and can affect us both physically and mentally. Nausea and other tummy problems, increase in heart rate and being unable to “switch off” make it hard to stick to the best plan. OcibestR is a standardised Holy Basil extract which works partly in the GABA pathway to provide a calming effect on over stimulated nerves without causing sedating. Most people feel relief 1-2 hours after taking these and they can be taken as needed, such as the morning of an exam, or regularly, such as a few hours before bed each night for restful sleep.
Frequent use of breathing techniques or smelling essential oils such as Lavender when taking these complementary medicines helps develop an association between these and a sense of calmness to make these strategies very effective on their own.
Prevention that allow us to manage our anxious thoughts constructively may also be assisted by nutritional support.


Stress increases our body’s needs for essential vitamins and minerals, alters cortisol levels and creates a cycle of increasing anxiety and poor sleep. Supplementing B group vitamins and Magnesium for energy production and nerve function ensures we have optimal levels to focus well under pressure and for cells to recover during periods of rest.

Magnesium is important for over 300 body functions, particularly muscle relaxation and nerve function. Low serum magnesium is usually a result of stress or exercise with inadequate bones stores unable to release enough of this important mineral to prevent muscle tension, cramps and headaches, further increasing stress, fatigue and sleeplessness.

Additional support to reduce tension during study periods such as Rhodiola may also be helpful. 

B-Group Vitamins are best taken in the morning and early afternoon to avoid excessive stimulation at bedtime.

Mental Fatigue, Stress, Poor Sleep and Lack of Physical activity can affect our ability to retain and recall information and use our brain power effectively. Healthy diet, exercise and quality sleep are a vital part of a study plan. Complementary supplements that may assist concentration include Brahmi, Gingko Biloba and Omega-3. Siberian Ginseng may assist with fatigue.In the short term, the ginsengs may assist in modulating the cortisol response and provide a quick energy boost. SHORT TERM USE works best!

Poor sleep can result in a cycle of fatigue, anxiety and depression. While the occasional sleepless night is not uncommon, especially after travel or during illness, managing contributing factors promptly can prevent hard to break bad habits.
Sleep provides an important restorative function for our brain and the deep, light and REM sleep phases that occur spontaneously are critical to its effectiveness. Sedatives that work on our central nervous system (CNS) tend to render us unconscious, rather than asleep, restricting natural sleep cycles and leaving us feeling more fatigued and less able to focus. In a normal sleep cycle the hormone MELATONIN is increased in response to darkness and it being time for sleep. During the day, OREXIN has a counteractive effect and ensures we stay awake. Good nutrition is an important part of correct hormone production and metabolism.
Establishing good sleep hygiene such as ensuring the room is darkened and quiet, avoiding screens and bright lights before bed, restricting fluids and caffeine, and ensuring temperature is not too hot or too cold is the first step.
Controlling pain and anxiety, reducing the need to urinate overnight and adjusting medications that may cause wakefulness should be considered a priority.
Retraining ourselves to sleep and getting our sleep/wake hormones in balance may require some effort and even a little suffering. It's important during this phase NOT to lie in bed awake. After 15 minutes,  get out of bed and do a quiet activity in yellow/red light until you feel sleepy. Stick to the same waking time and bedtime each day and avoid napping to "catch up" 
If you lie awake worrying, refer to our STRESS/ANXIETY section.
A number of herbal products may assist  peaceful restorative sleep. Lemon Balm, Lavender, Lactium, Ziziphus, Passion flower and Valerian have best results, but always check with you pharmacist if you take other medications.
Bowel Health
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Immune Support
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Heart Health
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Mental Health
We view mental health just like any other health condition where our body is not functioning at its' best. Just as in diabetes or thyroid issues our hormones fail to do what they are meant to. When these hormone imbalances occur within our nervous system, depression, anxiety and mood disorders can result.
Serotonin, Noradrenaline, Dopamine and GABA receptors can all be affected. Different medications can help restore the balance, but they often affect other hormones resulting in adverse effects. The response can vary between individuals and may change over time.




These are one of the most common side effects of anti-depressants, as well as some other medications, including those commonly used for pain and blood pressure.


As well as being uncomfortable and annoying, dry mouth can also cause serious gum and teeth problems.

Regular sipping of water to stay well hydrated is the first step in treating this condition. Saliva stimulants and wetting products are also available when this fails. Our pharmacist can give you the advice you need.


Dry eyes are easily treated using a lubricating eye drop to replace natural tears. Don’t be confused if you have watery eyes. This is a sign that your own tears are failing to create a protective film. Regular use of a lubricating drop to prevent the eyes drying out will give the best relief and reduce redness and infection risk.


These not the only side-effects of anti-depressants.


Mental alertness and coordination may be impaired initially, with light-headedness which usually resolves as we adapt to the improvement in Serotonin levels. Gradual dose increase may help.


Other common problems include upset stomach and constipation. Taking after a meal with plenty of water will assist.


One less talked about, but also very common problem is sexual dysfunction, usually related to loss of libido and ejaculation problems. This will often require a change of medication, but there are a lot of options J


Finding the best anti-depressant can take time, as it really requires 4 weeks to properly trial in depression, and up to 12 weeks for anxiety symptoms. Magnesium, Vitamin B12, Folate and a healthy GUT flora may provide nutritional support and standardised Holy Basil extract can assist in symptom relief during the initiation phase.


The individual way we metabolise these medications is affected by our genes. A DNA test can identify medications that are most likely to work for you without side effects.

Medication Management
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Getting Active
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