our mission

Provide Evidence Based patient centred care to optimise health outcomes using Traditional, Nutritional and Complementary Medicines and Therapies ensuring safety and efficacy by providing ongoing support, education and monitoring.

our vision

An integrative practice that provides a holistic approach using best practice and evidence based treatments with consideration of patient preferences and need to provide optimal health outcomes in our community.

our products

Some of our specialised ranges include: 

Metagenics, Bio-Ceuticals, Oriental Botanicals,

Ethical Nutrients, Life Space, Probiotic Solutions(Cleaning),

MooGoo, Dr Zoo, Aromae Essential Oils,

Designer Brands Vegan Cosmetics

our consultant phamacist

Melinda Matthews


Cert IV TAE Life Coaching

Our consultant pharmacist, Mel, has an extensive background in medication management, health coaching, complimentary medicines and nutritional support. She continues to study in these area to ensure current evidence is used to assist you to make the best decisions about your health.

Quality of life is always a priority and with short and long term goals clearly defined.

Risks and benefits of medications are discussed so you can make informed decisions about your personal needs and priorities.

Personalised Health Care Plans with ongoing assistance to make lifestyle changes are the cornerstone of helping you take control of your own health journey.

Pain Tolerance, Restful Sleep, Nutrition, Health Weight and Exercise are incorporated into a plan to reduce medication burden and therefore risk of side effects or accidental over-dose.


To support our mission and your better health, we now stock Metagenics nutritional range, including an evidence based ketogenic weight loss program, Ethical Nutrients and Oriental Botanicals Ranges (Australian Manufactured Complimentary support well researched and trialled for efficacy) and Life Space Probiotics for ensuring essential gut health.

While patient preference is always respected, our team will offer options where your selection has limited evidence of benefit.

Of course it’s always YOUR HEALTH - YOUR CHOICE